DaVinci Resolve 18.5Disponibile la nuova versione di DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5

Arriva la DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio beta pubblica 3

Arriva la DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio beta pubblica 3, questa versione beta migliora le prestazioni generali e corregge i bug di DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio. Include tutte le funzioni della versione gratuita e in più offre decine di filtri Resolve FX, tra cui riconoscimento facciale e ritocco del viso evoluti, collaborazione multiutente, elaborazione 4K e superiore con frame rate fino a 120fps, effetti del mosso, riduzione del rumore temporale e spaziale, strumenti 3D e molto altro.

Cosa c’è di nuovo in DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 3


  • All new collaboration workflow which allows multiple users to work on the same project at the same time
  • Added ability for collaborating video/audio editors and colorists to work on the same timeline at the same time
  • Resolve Collaboration supports any shared storage technology and works with a PostgreSQL shared database server
  • Support for live saving all collaborator actions in a collaborative project
  • Support for Project Manager indicators to show collaborative projects
  • Ability for collaborators to pick a profile on their shared projects
  • First come first serve write access for Media Pool Bins with read access for everyone else
  • Live Media Pool side bar bin updates including user locks and refresh available indicators
  • Timeline indicators to show user locks and refresh available
  • Live update of Color Page thumbnail icons to indicate user locks and refresh available
  • Live sharing of Color Page still galleries
  • New compare timeline tool to simplify merging timelines from multiple collaborative users *
  • Live group chat feature on collaborative projects

Migliorata la prestazione, la fluidità e l’usabilità

Tutto il nuovo motore di elaborazione delle immagini con numerosi miglioramenti e ottimizzazioni delle prestazioni

  • New image processing engine which maximizes single and multi-GPU utilization
  • Support for GPU processing using Metal on Mac
  • New optimized performance mode for improved playback
  • New dynamic memory manager for optimized CPU memory usage
  • Improved performance on single GPU laptops and workstations
  • Improved editing and playhead fluidity on the Edit page timeline
  • Dramatically improved latency of JKL playback
  • Improved Color Page playback start/stop latency
  • Improved Multicam playback performance
  • Improved pan and zoom on viewers when using the trackpad with support for an Alt/Option modifier
  • Improved performance when scrubbing H.264 and similar codecs
  • Support for improved CPU usage

Tutti i nuovi motori di database per una migliore gestione e prestazioni su PostgreSQL e DiskDB

  • Support for a new live save option where changes are saved as you work
  • Support for incremental fast saves in the new and improved DiskDB
  • Ability to save, load, update and delete user UI layout presets

Migliorato l’accesso ai media e le prestazioni

  • Improved H.264 encode and decode performance
  • Improved performance for file listing in Media Storage
  • Improved scrolling performance in Media Storage folders and Media Pool bins with many clips
  • Improved speed of importing AAF timelines
  • Improve speed of Optimized media generation, transcoding and fusion rendering
  • Support for Optimized Media in 3D stereoscopic clips
  • Support of high frame rate timelines up to 120 frames per second – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for up to 16Kx16K source images and timeline resolution
  • Ability to drag a file or folder from Finder/Explorer to Media Storage in order to navigate there


  • New Fairlight audio processing engine for all audio in Resolve
  • New Fairlight page with dedicated audio editing, mixing, finishing and mastering controls
  • Support for unlimited audio tracks, 8 main, sub and aux outputs
  • Support for Fairlight Audio Accelerator and I/O hardware
  • Support for Fairlight free standing and desktop consoles
  • Single and dual monitor UI configurations on the Fairlight page
  • Fairlight page includes Media Pool, timeline, metering, mixer, effects, video preview, timeline index and inspector

Caratteristiche principali

  • Six band EQ for every track
  • Expander/Gate, Compressor and Limiter Dynamics for every track
  • 2D and 3D Pan control for sound placement *
  • Timeline toolbar includes a pointer and a marquee tool, automation state, snapping, flags, markers and timeline options
  • Automation includes trim state, touch, latch or off mode, event selection
  • Support for separate enables for fader, mute, pan, EQ, compressor, Gate, Aux, Limiter and Plugins

Miglioramenti nel Monitoring

  • Level meters for all channels, Masters, Subs, Aux and groups
  • Monitoring of main outputs available in mono, stereo5.1, Atmos, Auro, DTS, IMAX and multichannel up to 22.2
  • Compound metering includes speaker group selection, phase and loudness with integration control
  • Video preview available as docked or popup viewer with SDI video output

Timeline features

  • Track sidebar includes controls for gain, automation, lock, solo, mute and record
  • Track sidebar includes indicators for track number, name, color, linked track and meters
  • Timeline clips include user selectable indicators for clip name, gain, FX, group, EQ, Source, Speed, Linked status, stem/channel bit depth, sample rate and source channel
  • Timeline clips include full or rectified audio waveform with waveform border, gain level, fade handles and automation keyframe control
  • User selection of timecode display with subframes and samples, feet and frames or only samples
  • Five preset and custom user selectable track height with locks
  • New timeline index shows tracks and markers

UI dialogs for setup and assignment

  • Each mixer track includes input selection, effects, insert, EQ and dynamics graphs, output selection, aux, pan, main and submix selections
  • Mixer also includes track name and color, grouping, record, mute and solo selection and gain fader with meters

Miglioramenti nell’audio

  • New audio processing engine includes support for 192 KHz 24bit audio
  • Support for pitch correction when performing speed changes on all platforms
  • Support for pitch correction during FFW and FRW playback on the Edit page timeline


Principali nuove funzionalità

  • Support for track colors on the timeline
  • Support for dragging just video or audio from the source viewer
  • Support for a toggle to switch between single viewer and dual viewer mode
  • Support of OFX plugins as filters in Timeline
  • Ability to drag and drop a transition from one clip to another
  • Redesigned Effects Library for easier navigation and search
  • Support for improved “Play Around” functionality with contextual behavior depending on selection
  • Support for Blur Dissolve transition
  • Support for audio waveforms on Multicam Clips, Compound Clips and Timeline Clips
  • Support for alpha rendering from source when using Fusion Connect

Miglioramenti della regolazione delle clip

  • Ability to “Remove Attributes” from one or multiple clips
  • New menu option to freeze frame the current frame under the playhead
  • Ability to select all keyframes in Keyframe and Curve editor using Ctrl/Command+A
  • Ability to linearize/smoothen curves for multiple selected keyframes in the Keyframe and Curve editor

Miglioramenti Clip trim

  • Ability to Alt/Option+Shift drag to resize a clip’s In or Out point over an adjacent clip to automatically create a transition
  • Ability to Alt/Option+Shift drag a clip from the Media Pool to overlap a clip in the timeline to add a transition
  • Support for two new trim commands in the Trim menu
    • Slip Playhead to In
    • Slip Playhead to Out
  • Support for slip functionality when performing an Extend Edit
  • Ability to duplicate and superimpose dragging selected clips from a track while holding down Alt/Option + Shift
  • Support for snapping when dragging and placing text elements in a Title in the Timeline viewer
  • Support for improved snapping when performing ripple edits
  • Ability to perform playback using JKL in Dynamic Trim Mode when no clip or edit point is selected


  • Support for user selectable conform criteria when performing “Reconform from Bins”
  • Ability to “Reconform from Media Storage folders” for a Timeline
  • Support for missing on disk indicators and missing in Media Pool indicators in the Timeline
  • Support for importing 3D Warp Pitch and Yaw parameters in AAF from Avid Media Composer
  • Support for the following Index filtering options
    • Show Clip Color
    • Show Clips with Composite Effects
    • Show Clips with Transform Effects
    • Show Clips with Filters
    • Show Clips with Speed Effects
    • Show Fusion Connect Clips
    • Show Compound Clips and Nested Timelines
    • Show Clip conflicts
    • Show Flags of a particular color
    • Show Markers of a particular color
    • Show Stills and Freeze Frames
  • Ability to see conflicts in the Index Match column
  • New Position Lock on toolbar to lock ripple on tracks and timelines for Online Editing
  • Project setting to enable/disable automatically Conform when adding clips to Media Pool
  • Ability to set default number tracks and types in Project Settings > Editing > New Timeline Settings

Miglioramenti dei Marker

  • Ability to display Marker names and notes as viewer overlays
  • Ability to list clip markers in Media Pool list view
  • Ability to convert an In and Out point selection into a duration marker
  • Ability to navigate between markers from the option menu in the viewers
  • Ability to search and filter in the Index using Marker Name and Marker Notes fields
  • Ability to multi select timeline markers using a marquee

Miglioramenti del Media Media Pool

  • Support multiple Media Pool windows either as a 2-up/4-up docked view or as new pop-up windows
  • Ability to hover over Media Pool thumbnails to mark in and out
  • Ability to “Rediscover Optimized Media” in the Media Pool
  • Ability to “Unlink Selected Clips” in the Media Pool
  • Support for missing on disk indicators in the Media Pool for both the thumbnail and list view
  • Support for Smart Bin and Smart Filtering based on Display Name
  • Ability to Create Bin With Selected Clips
  • Ability to create Smart Bin filters using Marker Name and Marker Notes
  • Ability to search in the Media Pool using Marker Name and Marker Notes fields
  • Ability to perform comma separated text matches in Media Pool search, Smart Bins and Smart Filters
  • Ability to add/remove items from current selection with keyboard modifiers (Ctrl/Command, Shift and Alt/Option)
  • Ability to Alt/Option drag clips in the Media Pool to duplicate them and put them in another bin

Miglioramenti generali

  • Previous/Next clip now ignores selection when the selected clip is not visible
  • Support for a “Playback post-roll” option in the Timeline menu
  • Ability to drag video only or audio only from the timeline to the Media Pool
  • Support for retaining playhead position and in and out positions when swapping timelines
  • Ability to drag a OpenFX/ResolveFX filter onto one or multiple selected clips
  • Support for selecting resize algorithm per clip in the Inspector
  • Support for a progress bar when applying Lens Correction
  • Support for 100% levels in EBU Color Bar generator
  • Ability to search “All Fields” when applying a search filter in the Index
  • Support for toggling “Show Reference Wipe” is now available on the Edit page
  • Ability to Alt/Option click only the audio or video to override a linked clip selection


Miglioramenti di RisolveFX

  • ResolveFX plugins are now sorted into logical groups of effects
  • Support for starred favorites for OpenFX is not available on the Color page
  • Ability to paste tracking data between the FX tracker and the Power Window tracker
  • Improved ResolveFX Lens Flare
  • Support for Gamut Mapping from Timeline to Output Color Space in Resolve Color Management
  • Support for Gamut Mapping in the ResolveFX Color Space Transform plugin

Nuovi plugin di ResolveFX

  • ResolveFX Face Refinement – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Warper – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Match Move – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Color Stabilizer – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Timelapse Deflicker – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Contrast Pop – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Color Compressor
  • ResolveFX Abstraction
  • ResolveFX Watercolor
  • ResolveFX Lens Distortion
  • ResolveFX Gamut Mapping
  • ResolveFX Dead Pixel Fixer
  • ResolveFX Alpha Matte Shrink and Grow
  • ResolveFX Color Palette
  • ResolveFX Dehaze
  • ResolveFX Sharpen
  • ResolveFX Sharpen Edges
  • ResolveFX Soft Sharpen Skin
  • ResolveFX Camera Shake
  • ResolveFX Deband
  • ResolveFX Grid

General improvements

  • Support for a new advanced Stabilizer in the Tracker palette
  • Ability to add and control favorite ResolveFX and OpenFX plugins under Modes from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel *
  • Support for improved jog and shuttle control on DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
  • Ability to toggle LightBox SDI output from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel using Shift Down + CONFORM
  • Ability to toggle full screen LightBox from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel using Shift Up + CONFORM
  • Ability to press and hold Reset on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to reset the node graph
  • Ability to press and hold Previous/Next Frame on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to jump to the beginning/end of the clip
  • Ability to press play/reverse repeatedly on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to increase playback speed
  • Ability to set the LCD brightness of the DaVinci Resolve Mini panel using LCD brightness in Control Panel settings
  • Ability to set the key backlighting of the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels in Control
  • Panel settings
  • Ability to remember Bars vs. Wheels when switching to Primary from a Control Panel
  • Improved various knob and parameter sensitivities on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels
  • Support for the Common LUT Format (CLF) with examples – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for scopes as an overlay on the Cinema viewer
  • Support for new commands and shortcuts to move selected keyframes
  • Selection of multiple keyframes no longer needs a modifier key
  • Support for track color on Color page timeline
  • Support for plugin name on FX nodes
  • Support for full height OpenFX inspector in full screen mode
  • Ability to set default number of neighboring clips for Split Screen in Project Settings > Color
  • Support for Clip Color indicators in the Color page Timeline
  • Support for adding any Media Pool clip as a matte to the current clip on the Color page
  • Improved support for ACES v1.0.3
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg color spaces in Resolve Color Management
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg color spaces in the ResolveFX Color Space Transform plugin
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg IDTs and ODTs when using ACES
  • Support for clip output render caching from pre and post group node graph
  • Support for showing picker RGB values in 8 bit or 10 bit available in the View menu
  • Ability to to toggle the viewer overlay mode on/off using Shift + `
  • Support for Ctrl/Command and Ctrl/Command+Shift for half and quarter increments in Printer Lights Hotkeys


  • Support for user selectable checksum methods in Clone Tool option menu
  • Ability to unmount drives from Media Storage on Mac and Windows
  • Ability to set custom whole number frame rates from 1 to 120 fps in Clip Attributes
  • Support for option to import ARRIRAW clips at the Open Gate resolution in Project Settings > CameraRAW > ARRI
  • Support for automatically cropping ARRI Quicktime clips to show only the active area of the sensor
  • Support for latest EasyDCP library
  • Support for decoding Nikon RAW files
  • Support for MultiPart OpenEXR
  • Support for Constant and Variable bitrate in Quicktime ProRes and DNxHR codecs
  • Support for H.264 multi-pass encoding on Mac
  • Support for decoding H.264 Intra 422 10bit – DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for encoding to the MP4 format
  • Support for decoding High 10 Profile H.264 files on DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for encoding VP9 profiles with higher bit-depth
  • Support for Network Optimization option on Quicktime renders
  • Support for 10b and 12b encoding options for DNxHR HQX and DNxHR 444

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