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Da Shootools il nuovo Slider PRO con magnetic field

 La società Shootools ha presentato in un video  il loro nuovo Slider PRO con magnetic field, l’innovativo slider con freno di fine corsa magnetico, predisposto per Motion Control e Auto Pan, leggero ma robusto è in grado di portare fino a 50kg di carico. 



The special design of the Rail allows a unique stability, over 50kg (110lb) of payload together with an extreme lightness of the whole system with starting weight of only 2kg.

SPECIAL WHEELS Protection of the wheels, they run inside the track on a protected surface. You do not have to worry about any risks of damage!

The wheels are made by a special polymer used in the Areospace enviroment that grant the maximum smoothness and silence in the tracking-shot.



With the integrated friction system, you can adjust the feeling of the tracking shot in real time, according to the movement that you want to reach, like in a fluid head.


Quick and Safe!
Only one gesture to lock you carriage.
A state of art of detail.

Ora disponibile su BL2Store.

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